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Bidco Brands - Soaps & Detergents

Elianto Cooking Oil

Star Range/Bull Range/Kuku Range

They are effective for washing dirty laundry, removing stubborn stains such as those of grease, fruit, grass and alcohol, cleaning kitchens tops, floors, and vehicles as well as bathing.

Why use Star Washing Bars

  1. Make clothes brighter and softer
  2. Totally hygienic and non -allergic
  3. Long lasting and economical
  4. Removes stains
  5. Easy to lather withour hard scrubbing
  6. Gentle on skin
  7. Fragranced to leave laundary smelling fresh.
Elianto Cooking Oil

Gental Washing Powder

Gentle washing powder contains active organic matter amd stainex enzymes which penetrates stains and digest the dirt to yield effective cleaning and brightening action.

Why use Gental Washing Powder

  1. It gets rid of stains fast
  2. Lathers easily
  3. Its in various sizes and at the respective prices, allowing customers to purchase according to their needs and ability.

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