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Bidco Uganda Limited

Corporate Social Responsibility

Future Outlook

BIDCO has adopted Global Management Practices such as; Good Shop-floor practices. The Kaizen Principle – "Zero Investment Improvement". Gemba Kaizen – "Continual Improvement at the workplace", and aligning company goals through Hoshin Kanri, Total Employee Involvement. E O C M – A Swiss Concept.

BIDCO projects that, within the next five years, the total area under palm tree coverage will be about 40,000 hectares and additionally similar size from the out growers. The combine total of 80,000 hectares would provide a spring board for social economic transformation at the household level and will significantly reduce not only Uganda's vegetable oil import bill but also that of the entire region.

BIDCO contributes significant sums to Uganda's exchequer and this trend is expected to continue on an upward trend. Today BIDCO employs thousands of Ugandans directly and indirectly contributing to improved livelihoods, this will be further boosted by the gradual and professional evolution of a category of out growers. It is then, that the integrated approach adopted by BIDCO will show its transformative capabilities firmly anchored in the Soil to Pan Philosophy.

BIDCO will continue to be a market leader in the region. This will be achieved through team work, client care, environmental conservation, state-of-art-technology, effective marketing and a sound community partnership programme. These constitute the premier steps in the making of an African giant.

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