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Bidco Uganda Limited

Technology Processes

BIDCO Uganda Ltd. is the only company of its kind in the region to have a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and intelligence resource planning (IRP) systems. BIDCO was the first company in the sector to venture into electronic commerce and the first to network all its multi-location facilities, through V-Sat and the Internet.

BIDCO's modern refinery produces palm oil to international standards. It has mechanical and automated handling systems that operate continuously. Bio-mass powered boilers that produce superheated steam, used to generate electricity through turbine generators. The lower pressure steam from the turbine is used for heating purposes throughout the factory. Upon refining, the oil is separated or fractionated into liquid and solid phases by thermo-mechanical means and the liquid fraction also known as olein is extracted, which is used extensively as a liquid cooking oil. Furthermore, Vitamins are added and the products are fortified to ensure the consumer benefits to the optimum. BIDCO's processing operations are automatically controlled and routine sampling and analysis by process control laboratories support smooth and efficient operations.

BIDCO's laboratory ensures that key tests are conducted appropriately. Today BIDCO's laboratory possesses state of the art equipment such as the Near Infra Red System, which tests moisture content of the oil, while simultaneously undertaking a myriad of other tests. This makes certain accuracy, in all processes a merit passed on to the consumer under the Soil to Pan Philosophy.

nstitutions and households have access to high quality brands such as Kimbo, Cow Boy, Ufuta, Golden Fry and the uniquely Ugandan product Fortune Brand. The Uganda National Bureau of Standards fully recognizes BIDCO products.

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