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Tapping into a gold Mine

The Oil Palm is a highly productive source of Oil. For the reason, it has become the prime source of Vegetable oil for many tropical countries and constitutes thirty four percent of total edible oil production worldwide. Some of its varieties are even being considered for bio diesel in different parts of the world. As a result of the world's rising population and improving economic conditions among the developing countries, there is an increasing global demand for edible oils and fats.

The Kalangala Oil Palm Project is an avenue for Uganda to tap into this growing market. Oil Plans have an economic life of an average 28 years. Oil Palm Uganda's objective is that over this period, Uganda will achieve self sufficiency in palm oil production. World class plantation management practices are being utilized to ensure a high yield of quality oil all year round.

Benefits for man at the Roots

The Kalangala Oil Palm project is not only an investment towards Uganda's economy, but an opportunity to immensely improve the quality of life on the Isalnd. So far, 1200 workers have been recruited, including local university graduates and a community has been created, completed with housing and a recreational area.

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Oil Palm Uganda Limited and its partners in the projects have invested in social infrastructure. The Roads are now passable all year round and the water points can be accessed with ease. Other forms of Infrastructure and services are in the pipeline including electricity, schools, religious and medical centers.

The long term benefits to the economy of Uganda will be massive. Initially, the economy will save in excess of $ 75 million annually, money now used to import crude edible oil from abroad. On completion, Uganda may also become a net exporter of refined palm oil. The economy will also benefit from the transfer of technology and skills.

OPUL is doing this in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We are using zero nburn technique in our plantation, ensuring that we improve the soil organic matter and fertility. To provide cover to newly cleared land and to control soil erosion, we have planted leguminous cover crops which also add nitrogen into the soil. This in addition to a well managed forest cover in the areas initially grassland, is of positive environmental benefits.

Through this project, Oil pam Uganda Ltd aspires to provide the people of Kalangala District with a great opportunity to immensely improve their quality of life. the development plan for this project is tailored to provide wide range of social benefits to the local community, some of which we have already started implementing. We have, for example, started construction and maintenance of roads, set up a clinic and housing for our employees.

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